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It is with great excitement we at ORTA welcome Dr. Robin Rayfield as our new Executive Director! We are so excited to have him with our organization, and we look forward to continue to grow ORTA with him aboard.
Dr. Rayfield join us from the Toledo area (Fulton and Lucas Counties), with a strong educational background, ranging from classroom, building administration to superintendent. Beginning his career, he was teaching first in Bellefontaine City Schools. then moving to the Pike-Delta-York School District, where he spent 11 years in the classroom, then for an additional 9 years within the district working in Building Administration. In his time in the Pike-Delta-York district, he be came Superintendent and also later for the Swanton Local School District. He has also taught for four years with the University  of  Toledo, as  full-time and an adjunct professor. He retired with STRS in 2012, but still was  working as a adjunct professor until 2014. He is truly  excited to be back with educators, and has a positive  outlook  for ORTA.
Dr. Rayfield believes that ORTA is doing important work, at a local, state and national level. Dr. Rayfield says “ORTA was working on my behalf, as a teacher, and all of the classroom warriors, principals, and others who have lived their lives to enrich those of others, and I am excited to be a part of advocating on their behalf.”
He firmly believes that ORTAs work while advocating for the retired educators community, is something that is truly key for retirees to continue to lead full, abundant lifestyles. It’s our duty to those who have worked so hard within their careers to teach and advocate for others, that we continue to be a strong voice for that community.
As a goal, Dr. Rayfield is looking to “dispel” the retirement benefits myths, and begin obtaining membership to over 100,000+ and “getting into the meat” of ORTA, and making ORTA’s work a daily mission to reach the retired teaching community. “My work will be to meet and exceed the expectations of our constituents, and continue to make ORTA a continued voice for our members,” Dr. Rayfield stated.
Continue to read our website, newsletter and social media for more information from Dr. Robin Rayfield as he begins his new position. He will be attending numerous chapter meetings, STRS meetings and events in the coming days as he starts in the new role.

To: ORTA Membership
From: Robin Rayfield Executive Director
Date: 9/8/2017
RE: ORTA and POP 5
I have received several calls regarding the recent mailing sent out by the organization Protect Ohio’s Pensions (POP 5). You may have recently received such a packet. If you have received yours, you are aware of its contents. If not, the contents explain how this organization is/will work to ‘protect pensions’ for the 5 public employee pension programs (OPERS, STRS, SERS, OP&F, OHPRS). Concerns by ORTA members include:

  • Should ORTA members join this group?
  • Who/What is this organization?
  • Isn’t this a duplication of what ORTA does?
  • Why would STRS beneficiaries want to join with the other public pension beneficiary groups?
  • Won’t this group’s efforts ‘take away’ from the work ORTA is currently doing?

These questions and concerns have prompted me to offer a response from ORTA. I hope that the following talking points help to clarify ORTA’s position/relationship with Protect Ohio’s Pensions.
First, I want to make clear that ORTA is NOT affiliated with this group. We are not partnered with nor do we anticipate a partnership with this group at this time. ORTA has been and will continue to the voice for STRS beneficiary recipients. For 70 years ORTA has been working to improve the lives of Ohio’s retired teachers and educators. ORTA has been the group that works exclusively for retirees of the STRS system. Our efforts have insured the stability of the STRS system and the current health care system for STRS retirees.
Second, although we respect and recognize that other groups have the best interest of public retirees in mind, ORTA’s focus is on protecting the pension system of STRS members. ORTA does not spend time and or energy working on behalf of other public retiree systems in Ohio. STRS and its financial condition is at the center of our efforts. Communicating and insuring that the voice of retired teachers, administrators, and other STRS beneficiaries is heard at the State House and beyond is what we do and have done for 70 years.
ORTA has attended all STRS meetings, provided testimony, and continues to be a strong voice for the thousands of STRS retirees. Our efforts have insured the long-term stability of the STRS system and its health care programs. WE are committed to the defined benefits system in place and argues against a defined contribution system proposed by many law makers and pundits across the state and nation. We have a presence in the State House and in Washington, D.C.  Additionally, our relationship with AMBA ORTA members receive many other benefits.
So, while we respect any group that works on the behalf of our members we are only as strong as our membership. Our strength is in our numbers and in our long-standing relationships that have been earned over the course of 70 years of advocating on behalf of STRS retirees. ORTA needs to continue to be that strong voice. Policy makers and politicians are impressed by the size of a group. ORTA needs to grow its membership, and in turn, strengthen its voice at the decision maker level. We need all ORTA members to help us grow our membership and increase the strength of our ability to be the voice for retired teachers at the state and national level.
I urge each current or former member to assist ORTA in this effort of strengthening our voice. If each ORTA member convinced 1 additional STRS beneficiary to join ORTA our voice and strength would be doubled. I recognize that financial conditions for STRS members are not as good as we would like and asking retirees to become involved is difficult in these days and times. Retirees must make decisions about what organization to join. If you are concerned about duplication of efforts then I urge you to continue ORTA membership and spend your efforts helping YOUR organization grow its membership.
Please feel free to contact me at the ORTA office phone (614-431-7002), by email , or by cell phone (419) 583-6924.






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