Greene County Retired Teachers Association

Board Meeting

United Memorial Presbyterian Church

Wednesday, October 4, 2017, 1:00pm

Present: Virginia Pinkerton, Roy Carr, Karen Balmer, Barry Corson, Jim Beaver, Joyce Redder, Carol Smith, Kaye Kelly-Senter, Linda Beaver, Judy Hudson, Bill Wright, Sally Wallace, Gale Adkins, Fay Sesslar, Steve Warthman, Judy Hudson, Linda Beam.                                     

 Meeting was called to order by President Bill Wright. Minutes were presented with one correction in the contact information: it should read Steve Warthman moved to accept the minutes as corrected.  Jim Beaver seconded the motion.   

 Carol Smith, Treasurer, gave the Treasurer’s Report.  Joyce Redder moved to accept the report and Sally Wallace seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

 Assistant Treasurer, Fay Sesslar reported that numbers have been down for luncheon reservations. Discussion followed.

 President Wright thanked Judy Hudson for sending out notices for scheduled meetings. 

 Linda Beaver, Vice president/Programs entertained discussion regarding dates for 2018 general meetings.  It was decided by general consensus  to hold the November meeting on the 14th.  The February 25th.....Dr. Robin Hayfield

                            May 23rd............Mike Neff, STRS

                             August 22nd.......Gary Kersey

                             November 14th...Mark North, Fairborn Superintendent.  Ryan Ireland will give a brief presentation of the Third Story Literacy which provides books for Little Free Libraries.

 Roy Carr, Past President announced success with the “Lunch on Wheels”. 

 Jim Beaver, Membership/ Retirement Chair, reported that one free luncheon meal will be given for the November general meeting.

 Virginia Pinkerton was given  Emily Haynes as the person to be recognized at the next general meeting.  Congratulations to Virginia for being inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame.

Steve Warthman gave a technology update. Along with Sally Wallace’s report for the most recent GCRTA members who have passed away this year. Steve will post these on the website.      Joan T. Green            Donna Freeze, EmLyn Whilding ,  Sandra Fuchs, Barbara Bradfute ,Winona Smith .

   Barry Corson, Legislation Chair, gave recognition to Wallace Gossett on his written article about the history of the Greene County Joint Career Center. Linda Beaver reported the main legislative issue is Health Care.

 Karen Balmer: Newsletter articles and information are due by October 20, 2017. A discussion concerning stuffing envelopes with the newsletters and membership information concluded with setting the time and place--October 27, 10:00am, Carol Smith, 869 Long Road, Xenia, OH.

 Joyce Redder, Scholarship: reported GCRTA Scholarship Fund as of October 4, 2017. Donations of $477 came in to the Fund from Luncheon Reservations.  Gale Adkins, ORTA  Pres. suggested that consideration be given to providing scholarships for STRS teachers in light of the balance of $18,723.18.  After discussion a Teacher Grant committee consisting of Gale Adkins, Fay Sessler, and Carol Smith will be formed to study the consideration.

Historian Roy Carr gave a definition of “historian”, the keeper of the record books.  Members still want to hear historical facts from the past when possible.

Karen Schmitt, Community Participation, reported on the distributions collected, cancelled postage stamps, pop can tops, eye glasses, box tops for education.

Community Representatives: Beavercreek needs a replacement for Carol Nims.

 Gale Adkins will be attending the Fall ORTA board meeting. The strategic planning committee has been looking for ways to “cut back”. There are several recommended changes in structure and governance to be approved. There will be a review of ByLaws, Mission Statement, and Objectives.

Robin Hayfield is being considered as a replacement on the board of directors. 

General Luncheon Meeting 11:30am, Wednesday, November 15, 2017.

 Meeting adjourned by President Bill Wright at 2:10pm. - contact information - Orta chapter Webpages-Greene County-click on the quilt

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Beam , Recording Secretary