Greene County Retired Teachers Association!

"Greene County Retired Teachers Association"     



The Association was started in September of 1969 with twenty-five in attendance. Ruth Lewis was the first president. Membership has grown in the following manner:

  • 1970 - 39

  • 1973 - 87

  • 1974 - 103

  • 1976 - 119

  • 1979 - 140

  • 1980 - 206

  • 1985 - 296

  • 1986 - 325

  • 1986 - 2011 - Membership has remained well above 300.

  • 2014 - 2015 - 316

Four luncheon general membership meetings are held each year. The programs are planned to include a variety of entertainment and education. There are choral groups, speakers, monologues, skits, and others. There are four Board of Director meetings each year.

Many volunteer efforts are made by members in the group and the volunteer hours submitted are impressive. Two of the membership's major projecta are:

  • Scholarship Programs of the GCRTA for high school graduating youth. This program was initiated by Roy Stout in1984 with Rose Haines as chairperson of the committee to select recipients. The scholarship is rotated among the eight schools in Greene County. To be eligible, a student must be entering the field of education and must be accepted by an accredited four year college or university in the state of Ohio. Funds are accumulated by a fifth-cent fee on every luncheon ticket, donations, bequests, and auctions. At present time, three one-thousand dollar scholarships are given by GCRTA each year.

  • G.E.D. Programs were offered at the Greene County jail in conjunction with Greene County Career Center. The program was initiated by the Community Participation Committee, Chairperson, Kay Hagler. Classes were taught two days a week at the jail. The certificate was equivalent to a high school diploma and issued by the Greene County Career Center.The program was staffed by all volunteers. It was the only one of its kind in the state and we are indeed justly proud of it. Currently in 2007, GCRTA is no longer offering this service. It has reverted to Greene County Career Center.

Charter Members:

  • Frances Baird

  • Hazel Barber

  • Nellie Baughn

  • Mildred Baver

  • Sarah Baynard

  • Lillian Beam

  • Clyde Bricker

  • Miriam Bricker

  • Dorothy Buck

  • Gladys Collins

  • Eva Crumley

  • Ona Lockwood Davis

  • Gladys Denlinger

  • Catherine Dillon

  • Amalje Esterline

  • Mildred Foster

  • Lucille Garrenger

  • Linnie Hagan

  • Vearl Hagan

  • Olive Hammond

  • Una Harbison

  • Mabel Harner

  • Maude Hastings

  • Virginia Heatherman

  • John Hey

  • Lois Hutcheson

  • Ruth Lewis

  • Helen McCoy

  • Mildred McMahan

  • Veda McMahan

  • Chioe McVey

  • Katharine North

  • Myrtle Otteno

  • MIllie Parker

  • Leila Paullin

  • Josephine Randall

  • Vivian Senseman

  • Dona Clare Sheley

  • Dorothy Sondergelt

  • Wilmah Spencer

  • Helen Smith Spahr

  • Louise Vanmorsdall

  • Harley Waldron

  • Nancy Waldron

  • D.C. Warrick

  • Ethel White

  • Hazel Van Eaton

  • John Van Easton (Associate)

Orta's 50th. Birthday Celebration with GCRTA

Past Presidents in 1997.



Winona Smith, Past Treasurer GCRTA Speakers' Table at luncheon





Wednesday May 24, 2017 General Membership Meeting!

Historian Roy Carr reports to the membership on the Xenia Tornado!!