25 Good Reasons
Why you should join your local Retired Teachers Association! (ORTA)

  1. Promotes quality health care coverage through leadership role in the Health Care Advocates
  2. Represents retired teachers at STRS committee and board meetings
  3. Represents retired teachers in Washington DC
  4. Supports repeal of the Government Pension Offset (GPO) and Windfall Elimination Provision
  5. Opposes mandatory social security coverage for Ohio's teachers
  6. Participates in the National Retired Teachers Association
  7. Promotes cost-of-living increases
  8. Represents retired teachers at Ohio's General Assembly
  9. Testifies at state committee meetings
  10. Lobbied for Senate Substitute Bill 190, which recalculated final average salaries
  11. Supporting Bills that would add additional retired teachers to STRS Board
  12. Monitors and tracks all legislation affecting retired teachers
  13. Hearing Care: free hearing checkups and discounts on hearing aids and services
  14. Special, low, long distance phone rates
  15. "Legaline": free legal consultation and advice by phone and by mail
  16. Affordable long term care plans for members and their families
  17. Maintains a staffed state office to coordinate statewide activities
  18. Provides leadership training at district, area and state levels
  19. 57 years of experience serving Ohio's retired educators (since 1947)
  20. Website: for source of up-to-date information
  21. Publishes the ORTA Quarterly and newsletters
  22. Keeps chapters and members informed on issues
  23. 90 chapters - at least one in every county of the state
  24. Local meetings with a personal touch
  25. There is no other organization that works exclusively for Ohio's Retired Teachers

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